iPhone 11 Pro :: MAJOR Camera upgrade!!!

  • Published: 11 September 2019
  • The Apple iPhone 11 is the 2019 offering in the Apple smartphone flagship lineup. There are 2 versions - a dual lens, iPhone 11 and a triple lens iPhone 11 Pro. While the phone itself is an incremental update, the camera on this smartphone just got a major update.

    The iPhone 11 with 2 cameras has undergone a big change. Before we had a standard wide and a portrait lens. Portraits are now done with digital zoom and computational enlarging from the standard wide angle lens and Apple has added an Ultrawide, 13mm f/2.4 lens.

    On the iPhone Pro, we get a triple camera setup much like we've seen on cameras such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, One Plus 7 Pro and other smartphones. Apple uses a 52mm portrait lens, a 26mm standard wide and a 13mm ultra wide-angle lens.

    All three cameras as well as the selfie camera have 12 megapixel sensors and record 4k video at 24p, 30p and 60p. Welcome the new "slowfie" mode…

    Photos and video looked fantastic in the keynote and I think Apple might just have the best ultrawide angle lens if the samples are any indication.

    Watch more videos like this one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrZAb4dUfHQ&list=PLGEE7pGLuppRc3M5ncslcBqCR2yHScNqy

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  • The Art of Photography
    The Art of Photography   1 months back

    Check out more smartphone videos here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrZAb4dUfHQ&list=PLGEE7pGLuppRc3M5ncslcBqCR2yHScNqy

    • Leonard
      Leonard  3 weeks back

      how do they compare?

    • Pasquale Calvi
      Pasquale Calvi  1 months back

      The Art of Photography deeper pixels!!!! ❤️

    • Sam Chiu
      Sam Chiu  1 months back

      The Art of Photography I will revisit this channel after you had a hands on review.

  • shivendra pratap Singh
    shivendra pratap Singh  3 weeks back

    Iphone 11 are iphone x which is more better?

    • Hey There
      Hey There  3 weeks back

      and there's the 800 lb/kg ape in the room: just how much non in-phone processing did it take to produce those images? Also: nice that you not only give a realty check for the actual focal length but also raise some legit concerns about quality issues. Looking forward to a TAoP review.

      • Warren Roddy
        Warren Roddy  4 weeks back

        It's getting to the point where prosumer DSLR/mirrorless users and even some professional photographers will no longer need a traditional camera. If you look at it thru that lens (pun intended) then you can better justify the ~$1k cost of these phones.

        • Nintendo Fan Unity
          Nintendo Fan Unity  4 weeks back

          Apple sucks

          • Tim R.
            Tim R.  4 weeks back

            The most amazing thing about the Google Pixel is that it's doing all with one camera? What does mean "all this"?
            Can it imitate a ultra wide angle? No. Can it optical zoom? No.
            This comparison kinda makes no sense. You're criticizing that most manufacturers and apps are limited to the main camera but then you're saying the Pixel does it better which only has one camera to begin with...

            • Highway Concepts
              Highway Concepts  1 months back

              Be been photographing cars, airplanes and all just recently with A Sony A6500 and my damn IPhone 8 Plus. Needless to say my IPhone has done an excellent job at giving me quality pictures even thought it’s a few MG pixels below my Sony Camera. This upgrade will be worth it , I reserved mine already to give it a go.

              • starspace
                starspace  1 months back

                Ugly phone, 3 cameras not better then 2, sensor is the same. Video is too optimistic.

                • Pilot Life TV
                  Pilot Life TV  1 months back

                  I’m still running with the 7 plus, the cameras were worth the upgrade to me. Can’t wait for Friday!

                  • HollywoodToronto
                    HollywoodToronto  1 months back

                    The Huawei P20 PRO or P30 pro will kick apple in photography. They’re night model with no red eye is the far superior to the Apple phones it’s always have had red eyes in dark environments with noise. Apple 11 Pro Must take on the Huawei P20 Pro and Huawei P30 Pro to find out the king once and for all to take. Unfortunately, Apple cannot do 480fps or even 960fps in any kind of HD which is a big blow to creators. That graphics U1 chip with the bionic A13 doesn’t produce what it promises. Late 2019/2020 Apple should have had 480 to 960 fps and sadly this isn’t so unlike others who have had 960 FPS last year. Apple always claims the best but it never had the processing power to to do it great which is another let down.:( Wait another year for great quality FPS at 980 FPS.

                    • Karret Barclay
                      Karret Barclay  1 months back

                      HollywoodToronto they can’t do it ? Or they not ready to give us? I think there just waiting... that A13 is not something to play with!

                  • Ilovecomedy7
                    Ilovecomedy7  1 months back

                    Could we take the video using the ultra wide camera ?

                    • Tim R.
                      Tim R.  4 weeks back

                      Of course. We're talking about Apple here. The only thing the ultra wide angle can't do probably due to the missing OIS is Night Mode.
                      Besides that you can use everything you want on all three cameras which also includes video up to 4K60 and 1080p240fps.

                  • Antigua Paradise Island
                    Antigua Paradise Island  1 months back

                    This guy seems to know his stuff and if he says it’s good, I believe him

                    • Rud3Bwoy
                      Rud3Bwoy  1 months back

                      ALL THE poor people crying makes me cringe lmao

                      • Erik Koblence
                        Erik Koblence  1 months back

                        Why does everyone release the same vid?? It still has the notch??

                        • Xscaped
                          Xscaped  1 months back

                          I am considering buying this phone for video production. It seems to be a nice upgrade. That wide angle is wild! I was planning to buy one of the X phones, but I am glad I waited.

                          • Stephanos
                            Stephanos  1 months back

                            they havent upgraded the front facing since iphone 6

                            • Sourabh Suri
                              Sourabh Suri  1 months back

                              How do you see it competing against the PIXEL 4? I can say this comfortably that my PIXEL 2 XL has outperformed iPhone XS and all. Videography could be an area wherein 🍎 might be better but in reality, APPLE has been mocking at us with just incremental updates every year and with ZERO updates for the Storage Chips (64 GB, lmao) 😠😠

                              • Dr B
                                Dr B  1 months back

                                I will trow away my $50 Android brick for a $1,449 iPhone just for the Slowfies and the Animojis---the true and only Apple's innovations in recent years 😂😂😂

                                • Dr B
                                  Dr B  1 months back

                                  @Loki27 Well, I have it for two years now, and the only issue is that the camera is crappy. But I have few DSLRs and a GoPro S5, so its alright.

                                • Loki27
                                  Loki27  1 months back

                                  Dr B your $50 Android brick is only good as paperweight after one year of use anyway.

                              • Cactus Tweeter
                                Cactus Tweeter  1 months back

                                I'm looking forward to the iPhone 11 Pro and its video and photographic capabilities.

                                • Cactus Tweeter
                                  Cactus Tweeter  1 months back

                                  The demo of the Filmic Pro software from multiple cameras was pretty amazing.

                                  • Jeff Speers
                                    Jeff Speers  1 months back

                                    Are they saying the 3rd lens on the Pro is a true optical zoom from 50-100mm (35mm equiv.)?

                                    • Mark Curry
                                      Mark Curry  1 months back

                                      I wish Apple kept telephoto on both phones and gave pro users the ultra wide.

                                      • Films worlds
                                        Films worlds  1 months back

                                        I really like iPhone 11 pro in midnight green colour seriously not that bad

                                        • Ali Bubba
                                          Ali Bubba  1 months back

                                          lol to this generation being an incremental upgrade... they've all been incremental updates since 2007. It's the same damn phone.

                                          • nikki greaves
                                            nikki greaves  1 months back

                                            I’ve already pre-ordered mine.

                                            • Amit kumar
                                              Amit kumar  1 months back

                                              Is it final that Iphone 11 pro or iphone 11 pro max has only 2X optical zoom.

                                              • Tim R.
                                                Tim R.  4 weeks back

                                                Amit kumar trust me. Nothing of this will happen. Don't get your hopes so high. Next year will definitely be an normal "S" upgrade with only small changes and no changes in design or what ever.

                                              • Amit kumar
                                                Amit kumar  4 weeks back

                                                @Tim R. but in 2020 it has USB type C,Design of Iphone will be change,upgrade in camera too,5G Network and many more...So we have to wait for next year 2020.

                                              • Tim R.
                                                Tim R.  4 weeks back

                                                Amit kumar it won't happen. People will be extremely disappointed because 2020 there won't be new iPhones with something like more than 2x zoom or a new design. Next year will be an S upgrade. And a new iPhone still can't change how optics and physics work dude.

                                              • Amit kumar
                                                Amit kumar  4 weeks back

                                                @Tim R. I think we have to wait for next year in 2020 to get more optical zoom then 2X and more advance camera then Iphone 11 pro.

                                              • Tim R.
                                                Tim R.  4 weeks back

                                                Yes, because they can't go even further without reducing the camera resolution. Apple want the cameras to be as equal as possible but with 3x or even more Zoom this won't work. It's a physics and optics thing.

                                            • David Joseph
                                              David Joseph  1 months back

                                              You have not used the camera, how on earth can you review it.

                                              • Robert Bratu
                                                Robert Bratu  1 months back

                                                It's unclear for that Deep Fusion, does it use depper pixels? It would make sense to have everything deep deep!

                                                • Dan Brown
                                                  Dan Brown  1 months back

                                                  Good video, iPhone is looking good, but I'm gonna stick with the Nikon Z system for a while.

                                                  • Ingvar Saari
                                                    Ingvar Saari  1 months back

                                                    Upgrade an iphone to shoot another stuff for instagram?

                                                    Or buy dslr?


                                                    • techvideocontent Mr M
                                                      techvideocontent Mr M  1 months back

                                                      Great seeing you videos , full of knowledge
                                                      I aggreed sir , major camera update for sure , small favour i need to ask you i need camera for videos and occasionally for photography if you could tell me which is the best to pick in mirrorless, i have Fuji film t3 and canon eos r in mind but i also know they upgrade are coming super soon so please help

                                                      • Fabio Mota
                                                        Fabio Mota  1 months back

                                                        It's now capable of recording two video streams simultaneously, using two different cameras (including the front facing camera) with the new Filmic Pro update coming later this year. That's pretty amazing.

                                                        Also, regarding access to the RAW files and all cameras, those third party apps that I used always were able to use both cameras and get the RAW file from both of them. I'm pretty sure the same is going to happen with the iPhone 11 Pro and Apple will have decent APIs so developers can do some amazing camera apps, like Filmic Pro already showed in the Keynote. In the Filmic Pro update they showed how you can preview all four cameras at the same time and record with two cameras simultaneously.

                                                        • minimalfun
                                                          minimalfun  1 months back

                                                          Procam app lets you shoot raw with all lenses and sensors. I ven't tested iPhone 11 but I guess it ll be the same.

                                                          • chandraprakash mogha
                                                            chandraprakash mogha  1 months back

                                                            As years passes phone camera getting better and better so that would affect the dslr camera or professional photography bcoz I have canon t6 rebel
                                                            This is big concern that today's phone camera can replace the dslr.

                                                            • branislavpetkovic
                                                              branislavpetkovic  1 months back

                                                              Based on specs and features existing Huawei P30 Pro camera is already better than iPhone 11 Pro.

                                                              • Carlos Vega
                                                                Carlos Vega  1 months back

                                                                "Pro".. hahaha.. Apple are masters of bullshit...

                                                                • Clement's Tech. Mv
                                                                  Clement's Tech. Mv  1 months back

                                                                  Also iphone 11 pro has audio zoom like note 10, cinematic stedy stabilization in 4k and 1080 p, extended dynamic range 4k 30, or 60 fps, deep fusion for sharper photos, also telephoto and main camera have 6 elements lens, all 3 camera can shoot in 4k 60 fps, stabilization for time lapse, also 4k 60 in front cam, iphone is alwyas the king in video recording and already unbeaten smart hdr improved to provide better highlight and shadow detail, but the notch could be reduced, anyway in camera dept its a monstar

                                                                  • Xscaped
                                                                    Xscaped  1 months back

                                                                    I actually love that audio zoom. That makes it even more possible to record video without an external mike.

                                                                • cherri400
                                                                  cherri400  1 months back

                                                                  When are they going to come out with the ability to flip the video while it is still running instead of stopping it to flip from front to back?

                                                                  • Joel Ruby
                                                                    Joel Ruby  1 months back

                                                                    Is it still the same 100Mbps 4:2:0 4K? I use my iPhone for underwater videography and am excited by the ultra wide, but was hoping for a spec bump in this department.

                                                                    • I@m$tunn3d

                                                                      Would keep my iPhone X and use the money on lenses instead. Or maybe upgrade my camera.

                                                                      • Dennis Bloodnok Channel
                                                                        Dennis Bloodnok Channel  1 months back

                                                                        Interesting video. I have an iPhone 6s Plus and a Huawei P20 Pro myself. The images from the Huawei are a big step-up from the iPhone. I am interested to see what Apple has done with their new phone.

                                                                        So I would be very interested to see you do a review of the new iPhone 11 Pro's cameras.

                                                                        • Gonzalo Villavicencio
                                                                          Gonzalo Villavicencio  1 months back

                                                                          I see the comments being like yeah new stuff... but I seen it our there more than a year already 🤔

                                                                          I would say there was a mayor update for the apple phones since they are trying to keep up to the market some sort of canon to fuji or sony (at the moment).

                                                                          So if we try to see as new invention/ new technology ... welp there is nothing to see from apple. All that seen in huawei, samsung(kinda) and other chinese/korean brands... and yes I will say that iphone software side for managing the data is really good, but I wouldn't say is worth the price tag difference at this moment.

                                                                          Also no AI ?

                                                                          • Andrew Jarman
                                                                            Andrew Jarman  1 months back

                                                                            looks like no 24fps in 1080...surprised no ones complained about it.

                                                                            • minimalfun
                                                                              minimalfun  1 months back

                                                                              Filmic Pro, ProCam, ProMovie and...shoot 24fps in 1080 to 4K. I don't know why apple doesn't add those settings to their native camera app, probably to simplify it.

                                                                          • Alexander Mosello
                                                                            Alexander Mosello  1 months back

                                                                            What does this do for the fancy point-and-shoot market? Let's assume that you want the best balance of portable/pocketable and photo quality. If you're somebody who already has a full-frame or APS-C mirrorless/DSLR and/or maybe a "middle camera" like an A6400 or XT-30, do you spend a bit more money on a "Pro" model iphone? Or do you still pick something like a GRiii/RX100? There's about a $400-500 difference between the 11 and the 11 Pro, which could go toward a lens or camera body.

                                                                            • Mario Pensotti
                                                                              Mario Pensotti  1 months back

                                                                              will videos also be brighter? sometimes I film in low light with my xs and I cant see crap

                                                                              • Dan Frezza
                                                                                Dan Frezza  1 months back

                                                                                Ted, I was wondering also about whether the Iphone 11 Pro will shoot raw with all the lenses. Good review! Thanks. Dan

                                                                                • minimalfun
                                                                                  minimalfun  1 months back

                                                                                  @Dan Frezza I hear you, I think they are trying to make a very simple product for users and I guess they don't wanna over-complicate the native camera app for 95% of their users, for the other 5%, there is ProCam, Camera+ and...That is my take on it.

                                                                                • Dan Frezza
                                                                                  Dan Frezza  1 months back

                                                                                  @minimalfun Thanks for the info. I was hoping that Apple would have it built in as an option. Sometimes I don't understand the thinking by Apple. You go all out on some great lenses and cameras and fall short by not having a option to shoot raw. :-( I can understand their thinking for non pro-type cameras but this newest camera Iphone 11 PRO at least by its advertisement, you would think, would have the option to shoot raw on all lenses. Sigh ...

                                                                                • minimalfun
                                                                                  minimalfun  1 months back

                                                                                  I think ProCam App would let you do that, right now you can shoot raw with all lenses, so should be the same.

                                                                              • NOFOOD?
                                                                                NOFOOD?  1 months back

                                                                                Apple adding S-log to their pro phones would set them apart!

                                                                                • Judda Budda
                                                                                  Judda Budda  1 months back

                                                                                  I am here to shoot your professional video. Where is your camera gear... I brought my phone. SMH. My clients will be disillusioned .. thanks